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Matron & Porter Service


Daily On Site Cleaning and Maintenance !!!

Periodic, scheduled cleaning keeps your building looking professional and inviting, but what about between those times?

Larger, busy buildings may need constant cleaning and refreshing during business hours, to maintain their appearance, cleanliness and safety. If your place of business experiences enough traffic and use throughout the day, you may want to consider the day porter or day matron services that we offer. They may also offset some tasks you would normally incur in the evenings, resulting in cost savings.

Our well-trained, bonded, professional and uniformed staff will follow their assigned duties and schedules. They provide a constant presence to not only maintain a high level of cleanliness, but to react immediately to special concerns, cleaning emergencies and your building’s particular needs. In an efficient, but unobtrusive manner, our day porters/matrons can keep your building at a consistently high level of appearance. Our equipment uses noise reduction technology to prevent distractions to your staff and visiting public.

The porters/matrons assigned to your building can perform any or all of these functions:

  • Keep lobbies and common areas continuously clean
  • Freshen washrooms and re-stock supplies on a regular basis
  • Conduct minor maintenance, such as re-lamping of burnt out lights
  • Clean and prepare kitchen, cafeteria and break areas, particularly before and after “rush” periods
  • Prepare and clean conference rooms before and after meetings
  • Continued touch-point cleaning to maintain a healthy environment
  • Respond to spills and other cleaning emergencies
  • Police entrances and parking lots for litter and debris
  • We can sit down with you and help plan out a staffing level, schedule and day maintenance plan that will meet your needs and goals. We will also work with you to select the individuals from our large staff for the best “fit” possible.